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Cold pressed Seabuckthorn Seed/Skin Oil - 15 ml

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Solberry has a limited edition of Canadian grown, cold pressed and unrefined seabuckthorn oil. The unique composition of this oil and the wealth of nutrients in it, make it on the most health-promoting oils. It is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Promotes skin health, hydration, elasticity and helps with skin regeneration.

Helps with weight management. The special composition of fatty acids in this oil signals your body to stop storing fat.

Promotes healing of ulcer and acid reflux. Seabuckthorn oil can help soothe the mucosal tissue in the digestive tract.

Relieves dry eyes. Provides relief from dry eye, a condition commonly seed in older people and menopausal women caused by hormonal changes.

Prevents liver damage. A study found that this oil have a potent liver protective activity dues to its potent antioxidant power

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